How Do Guys Act When They Like You?

This post was written by Bianca Bennett on March 20, 2012
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Approximately 85% of couples who had just gone on a first date admitted that they had begun sending signals of attraction to one another before they were even introduced. Two people who are interested in starting a conversation and seeing if they click with each other will usually express interest by making eye contact.

But how can a girl know if a guy is interested in her? There are many signs that she should look for: Does the guy respond to her attempts at conversation? Does he return her smiles? Does he show signs of flirting?

There are further telltale signs that a guy has the hots for a girl. He makes eye contact longer and more intensely than he would with others. He is checking her out.

There are various tricks he may use to do so. For example, he may make eye contact only for a moment and look away. Then his eyes will be drawn back to her, almost magnetically, and the gaze will be longer. He looks away again. Finally, he may turn his head in her direction but not look at her directly. He’s actually checking her out from the corner of his eyes, seeing if she will return his gaze or waiting for him to make eye contact again.

Once he and the girl make conversational contact with each other, there are other signs. He leans forward when talking or listening to her as an expression of interest in what she has to say. He may casually touch her hand while talking or making a point. He may mirror her actions and gestures as a way of establishing rapport.

Perhaps he may show a bit of edginess in his mannerisms because he is concerned about making a good impression. He may scratch his ear, stir his coffee, twiddle with his collar, or fix his hair. He wants to look his best.

He may make regular use of humor just to see the girl smile. He may flatter her. He will laugh in all the right places at the jokes she makes. When talking to the girl, he may ask questions of her to draw her out and show that he is interested in what she is saying.

He may fall all over himself trying to help the girl, by carrying her bags, opening a door for her, pulling a chair out for her in a restaurant, etc. His friends may also show interest in her, either because he said good things about her when she was not present or because they can sense his interest in her.

Want the Cliff’s Notes version of the signs a guy might be interested? Here it is:

1. Eyebrows. His eyebrows may rise and fall when seeing an attractive woman for the first time.

2. The jaw drops slightly. His mouth may sag open slightly upon his first acquaintance with a woman.

3. Attention seeking. The guy may overact slightly in order to get and hold the girls attention.

4. Striking a pose. He may stand with his legs spread apart and his hands on his hips, a posture of both machismo and readiness.

5. Self-consciousness. Although this may not be compatible with the other signs, it can also be a strong sign of attraction. He may show various nervous gestures such as rubbing his ear, scratching his forehead or stroking his chin.

6. Fashion consciousness.  He may adjust his tie in more formal occasions, fix his hair, or smooth his pants and shirt with his hands.

7. In addition to raising his eyebrows upon first meeting, he may arch his eyebrows excessively while talking.

8. Fiddling with his socks. Psychological studies show that, If a guy adjusts his socks in front of a girl, he is interested in her, perhaps because it is a sign that he feels fairly comfortable around her.

Of course, the degree to which these signs are shown varies from one individual to the next, and they may even vary from one community to another. However, if you learn to read the signs, you will have a better chance of spotting the guy who is attracted to you… and of eventually finding true love.

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