The Truth About Russian Dating Scams

This post was written by Chandler Jones on December 21, 2010
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online dating scams russiaToday it is much easier to find a Russian or Ukrainian bride than it was a few years ago. Nowadays there are plenty of dating and matchmaking services willing to assist you.

At the same time, the number of Western men who are eager to marry a Russian woman has increased. There are numerous forums online dedicated to the subject on which men tell of both their successes and their failures in using Russian matchmaking services.

Some Westerners have also told of Russian scams in which a woman takes advantage of foreigners in order to get a visa and escape from Russia. Such ladies may either be working alone, may have families, or may even enlist the aid of a matchmaking service.

There are scammers who are willing to take advantage of foreign men who are only looking for love. These ladies use their good looks to attract, and claim they want a relationship when they really only want to get out of their country. They just want a fake marriage that will give them a chance to emigrate. Once they do get their visa, some simply find another man who suits them better. This is always a possibility that you should keep in mind when looking for a Russian bride.

Do not misunderstand: there are certainly kind, loving, and caring women in Russia and other countries of the former Soviet Union (FSU) who sincerely want to find love. Most reliable and trustworthy matchmaking services will do their best to remove the fake profiles and stop the scammers.

They do this by requiring that would-be female applicants fill out very detailed questionnaires that reveal their age, marital status, background, along with appropriate documentation. They will also ask about the woman’s true motivation in signing up for the foreign matchmaking service. This does much to eliminate the scammers.

Frankly, the term “mail order bride” is insulting and patronizing in treating Russian women like a commodity, a term that can be likened to shopping through a catalog and picking out merchandise. Russian women have more self-respect than this.

They also know that the promise of life in the UK or the United States is not the holy grail they might once have imagined. They know that what is going on in Western cultures is not as grand as they may once have thought.

Beautiful Russian and European Brides

Online matchmaking services and websites have improved greatly over the years, and finding a Russian bride means more than just a few hand-written letters and a picture of a woman. Today it means real interactive communication with women, and perhaps your future marriage partner.

Agents are more experienced and aware when it comes to finding your future partner, and their goal is to do exactly that. They are well aware of the Russian scams and are trying to eliminate them.

Before you begin your search for a possible future wife, you should explain to the service exactly what kind of lady you are looking for and why.

Some men look for a Russian lady just for the thrill of finding someone different than what they are used to. You should remember that Russian women are real people with feelings and that they, too, are looking for someone who is interested in true love and marriage, who will treat them well and will love and respect them.

Marriage is a serious step and taking on a Russian bride is no different. If you are looking for a one night stand, then it is better to be clear about that from the beginning. Otherwise, you may find someone who loves you but who you don’t love back. If the love is mutual, then Russian ladies can be very loyal, and there are many examples of successful relationships between Russian women and Western men.

The bottom line is to know what you want before you make contact with anyone. Also be alert and aware and ensure that the feelings of the Russian women are mutually serious. As with any relationship, get to know her well before asking her to marry you, and assure yourself that she is the one who is created just for you and who will love you forever.

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When a Russian woman tells you too quickly that they be in love with you beware. It can mean many things, including the fact that they don’t really know what love is. So if after only a few conversations she is telling you that she loves you, you may want to move onto the next choice of woman you have been talking too.

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